Full-Height Turnstiles

Internal and external turnstiles where there is a need for a high degree of security without manned monitoring.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Effective security of exterior entrances can be provided by using Gunnebo full-height turnstiles.

These turnstiles will secure an entrance to work sites, high risk premises and properties where access-control is required.

The Gunnebo turnstiles range includes models from the uncertified level through to high quality government standard levels.

Secure and Controlled Flow

The full-height turnstiles can ensure that the flow and movement of individuals in and out of a site remains fluid, while providing the required level of security. Access control systems can be integrated into the turnstiles, allowing full control of access to unmanned access points on the perimeter of business premises.

The Gunnebo full-height turnstile range allows for a variety of security measures to be integrated within the access point. Key card systems or keypad entry will ensure only authorised personnel enter designated areas and the solid design and construction allow the turnstiles for use at high-risk sites, where access needs to be tightly controlled.

High Security Government Tested Full-Height Turnstiles

Gunnebo also offers full-height turnstiles that have been high security government tested (RotaSec HS90SC) and meet the CPNI standard (Please contact CPNI for verification of accreditation).

External Manual Full-Height Turnstiles

The manual full-height turnstiles can be used for internal, semi-external and external installation and are constructed with a stainless steel finish and glass panel infills. The electromechanical mechanism includes a positive action lock that will prevent more than one passage at a time. The hydraulic damper ensures the turnstile operates in a quiet and smooth manner.

The turnstile includes an anti-backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the turnstile head has moved 30 degrees from the rest position. The manual turnstile can be used with card reader integration and includes optional push button and remote control.

Internal Manual Full-Height Turnstiles

The Gunnebo internal turnstiles provide full-height security at internal entrances within office and business premises. The encasement is made from stainless steel with a rounded glass panel infill. The stainless steel column and full panel glass wings are controlled using a hydraulic damper for smooth and quiet operation. The system includes a positive action lock to allow one passage at a time and the anti-backup device will prevent rotation in the wrong direction. The turnstile can be used with a proximity reader, swipe reader or insertion type reader, to suit the security procedures currently in practice on the premises.

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