Retail Gates

Point of Sale mechanic and motorised swing gates to guide and control the flow of shoppers at retail outlets.

Retail Gates

Retail space and shop turnstiles will effectively guide customers with clearly marked directional arrows through a store. The Gunnebo shop turnstiles control the flow of shoppers and dictate where visitors are able to pass through, enabling lower security costs.

Entrance Security

Turnstiles can be placed at the entrances and exits to business premises, providing a cost-effective security solution for your business. Clearly marked directional arrows on the turnstiles will direct customers to the accessible areas of the store, controlling the flow of shoppers within the retail space.

Accessible Turnstiles

The Gunnebo shop turnstile range is wide enough to allow access for wheelchair users and for trolleys to pass through the turnstile and into the store.

Gunnebo Motorised Gate Turnstile

The motorised swing gate is a unidirectional turnstile for control and guidance of customers in retail outlets, leisure centres, museums and industrial sites. This turnstile can be used for disabled and trolley access or it can be installed along with turnstiles and other security products at entrances, to guide shoppers in the right direction.

The Gunnebo motorised turnstile is a available in double, left hand or right hand configurations, with standard swing arm length or an optional extra arm length of 1200mm.

The turnstile is made with a stainless 304 grinding finish with a POM CO version available. This product uses the same finish as the Gunnebo tripod range for a perfect match, when the products are used together within a store or business space.

The standard configuration of the turnstile arm has a white infill with an arrow on the opening side and a no-entry sign on the other. Alternative signage options are available.

The Gunnebo turnstile will remain in the closed position and open when a signal is received of an approaching customer and the gate automatically closes after a specified time (adjustable from 0-15 seconds).

The swing gate includes an anti-panic system allowing the gate to open in both directions with due force, approximately over 110N. This allows the gate to work as an exit during an emergency situation and there is an audible signal to alert when a gate is forced open.

The flow rates of the turnstile allow for efficient flow of customers through the designated area with the proximity reader allowing approximately 20 passages per minute. The turnstile is also available with a swipe reader or push button-insertion reader.

In the event of a fire alarm or power failure when the swing arm is closed the gate can be opened manually via the anti-panic system. Should the gate arm be open at the time it will remain open unless pushed closed, in which case the anti-panic system will allow the gate to be re-opened.

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