Tripod Turnstiles

A compact, cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption and high reliability.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are used to effectively manage large people flows through retail, government, finance, banking, leisure, entertainment and educational facilities. This cost-effective solution offers smooth and silent operation in a compact form.

Gunnebo tripod turnstiles run with a low energy consumption and have high reliability and a robust build.

Internal Turnstiles

For internal entrance security, our internal turnstiles have a positive locking action to ensure one passage at a time. Reverse rotation is protected against by an anti-backup device and LED indicators clearly show the direction of passage.

Internal turnstiles have a full stainless steel construction that can be complimented with a wooden or stone lid. With swipe type readers, up to 30 passages per minute can be authorised with proximity readers increasing this flow to 40 passages per minute.

External Tripod Turnstiles

Our external tripod turnstiles can be used insides or out and have a quality stainless steel construction with a small footprint. Gunnebo offers these in single or double configurations for internal use and in a single configuration for external use.

These turnstiles have one passage protection with a self-centering mechanism that ensures a complete rotation and anti-backup feature. The tripod turnstiles has a flow direction LED indicator and have the option to be equipped with a photocell and IR sensor, for preventing unauthorised passage by climb over, jump over and crawl under methods.

The insertion type reader permits up to 20 passages per minute, with a swipe type reader permitting 30 and a proximity reader permitting up to 40 passages per minute.

Wall-mounted or Pedestal Tripod Turnstile

For internal use, the wall-mounted or pedestal tripod turnstile has a small footprint and is made from stainless steel. These turnstiles have electronic control over direction and have an LED direction indicator.

Pedestal-mounted Tripod Turnstile

This Gunnebo lite version pedestal has a stainless steel and aluminium construction. The proximity reader handles up to 40 passages per minute and the direction of passage is possible in both directions and is controlled electronically.

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