Preventive Maintenance

Security maintenance contracts to prevent the risk of downtime

Preventive Maintenance minimises disruption to your business caused by security systems not working through the detection potential risks. Security equipment and processes are maintained through regular planned diagnostic checks to prevent problems occuring in the first place.



Key Specifications

  • Service Desk: 24/7 access to service desk
  • Scheduled Visits: According to the requirements of the security equipment, manufacturer recommendations, applicable regulations and level of usage.
  • Travel And Labour Costs: Are included as well as replacement of parts due to wear and tear. Consumables and spare parts are excluded.
  • Hardware And Software: Elements are thoroughly reviewed and service packs are updated.
  • Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance: Early detection of potential problems, risk of equipment downtime is decreased assuring business continuity, better conservation and increased lifespan of equipment, improved forecasting of overall product lifecycle costs