Save money and increase operational efficiencies with a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to retail security


Save money and increase operational efficiencies with a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to retail security

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Maximum control over your door locks

Thanks to Medeco's advanced technology, we are able to offer interchangeable core locks, which allows them to be quickly and easily changed by non-technical personnel using a special control key. Locks can be effectively "rekeyed" without having a working knowledge of the lock or without having to take the lock apart saving you precious time and money. 

Protect Against Theft and Eliminate Unexplained Cash Differences

Gunnebo's cash management solutions help you to take control of your note counting, note validating, and night end process to ensure maximum accuracy and superior safety. Accepting bills and coins does not mean you have to settle for the typical problems associated with the manual handling of cash. No matter your store's footprint, our products are flexible and modular and can be adapted to your specific setup throughout your store. Create the ultimate operational efficiencies by adding Gunnebo cash management products at the point of sale and in the back office area. 

Customizable Products

Smart Safes for Front Office Note Deposit
SafePay Deposit D1
SafePay Deposit D11 & D12

Smart Safes for Back Office Note Deposit
SafePay Deposit D11 & D12
SafePay Deposit D51 & D52

Smart Safes for Back Office High Speed Note Deposit
SafePay Deposit D180 & D300

Smart Safes for Note & Coin Recycling
SafeCash Retail Station

Real-Time Cash Monitoring Software

Learn More: Cash Management Solutions

Secure Physical Storage Solutions

Cash, sensative documents, and data media all need to be protected from burglary and fire. Our wide range of safes, vaults, and cabinets enable you to select the exact level of protection for your business. When combined with our electronic locks, these secure storage solutions ensure maximum protection against any unwanted access to your valuables.

Customizable Products
Grade 1-6 Safes
S1, S2, & B-Rated Safes
TL-15, TL-30, TRTL-30, & TRTL-30x6 Safes

Learn More: Safes & Vaults
Hamilton Safe Website

Multiple Layers of Security

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and visible monitors act as a preventative measure against crime and violent robbery - important not just in the store, but also in adjoining areas such as stockrooms and parking lots. Alarm buttons for staff can also be installed if help needs to be called. This creates a safer environment for both customers and employees.  

Additional Retail Security Options
CCTV with Exception Reporting
Alarm Buttons
Access Control
Key Control
Security Cameras
Other Brands: SMI, Verex, Kaba, LA GARD, S&G, SecuRAM, Ikegami, March Networks

After sales service

Reduce your total cost of ownership through Gunnebo's security services for retail which include lock repair and replacement, as well as hosting, system monitoring, and remote maintenance. 

Our goals are to:    

  • Reduce your security staff and costs
  • Minimize any downtime to your business
  • Provide access remotely during special hours to employees and other personnel such as CIT

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